Protect cells in excel 2007 from editing services

An important feature of Excel Defined Tables, the autoexpanding functionality, is lost when the worksheet is protected.

Protect cells in excel 2007 from editing services

Blog Simplifying selections with the Special Cells dialog Often you will be faced with the need to select all formulas in a worksheet, or clear all numbers from a data entry area, or select all blanks and fill them with a value or formula. In the bottom left corner of the dialog press Special.

This displays the Special Cells dialog, which has exactly the same options as the version.

protect cells in excel 2007 from editing services

Using Special Cells To understand the power of this feature, it's best to look at a few examples. If you select a range of cells and then use Special Cells, Excel will only look in the selected range.

If you select just one cell and use Special Cells, Excel will look in the entire used range of the worksheet.

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Selecting formulas when protecting a worksheet When you protect a worksheet, you usually want to protect the formulas but allow data entry in other parts of the sheet. This sequence of steps will protect all formulas, leaving all other cells unlocked.

Create a password if desired. Sometimes, however, you want to be able to print values in all cells of the pivot table without the gaps that you commonly get in the row fields.

This shows how to do it. The first screen capture shows a pivot table left and the same table, pasted as values right. You can see the gaps in the first 2 columns. Select the area shown in yellow.

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The resulting table has all the gaps filled. Clearing a data entry area in a complex worksheet If you have a data entry sheet with a complex layout and you need to clear previously entered values before starting again, you may have found yourself selecting numerous ranges and deleting them.

Apart from being boring and a time waster, you could make a mistake and accidentally delete one or more formulas. Excel all versions Say the data entry area is in various sections covering A5: V72 -- Select the whole range A5: V72 Display the Special Cells dialog and select Constants.

Also deselect all the options except Numbers, and click OK Press the Delete button Select the area that you want to clear, then run this code: This tutorial only scratches the surface of its capabilities, but hopefully you will feel inspired to check it out further.

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Kutools for Excel provides a quite easy way to protect or lock specified cells from editing in Excel: unlock the whole worksheet by Selection Unlock button, next lock the specified cells you will lock from editing by Selection Lock button, at last protect current worksheet.

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Using Special Cells. To understand the power of this feature, it's best to look at a few examples. but first, a hint: If you select a range of cells and then use Special Cells, Excel will only look in .

Sometimes it is easy to lose track of where the selected cell is located in a worksheet. There are several ways you can locate the cell, but sometimes it would be handy to just have a way to highlight the whole row of the selected cell. Microsoft Excel has the basic features of all spreadsheets, using a grid of cells arranged in numbered rows and letter-named columns to organize data manipulations like arithmetic operations. It has a battery of supplied functions to answer statistical, engineering and financial needs. I have a large Excel Table (44 columns, + rows), but one of the columns has been accidentally turned into a Calculated Column ().The result being that now when the users try to add new rows to the table (by dragging the bottom-right corner handle downwards), it inappropriately fills the new rows of this column with this formula, resulting in spreadsheet errors.

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If you have a spreadsheet that contains the data you desire, but the formatting isn’t to your liking, Excel can clear the formatting from a cell, range of cells, columns, rows or the entire spreadsheet. Right-click on then select "Format Cells" from the popup menu.

When the Format Cells window appears, select the Protection tab. Uncheck the "Locked" checkbox. Click on the OK button. Next, select the cell(s) that you wish to protect. Right-click and then select "Format Cells" from the popup menu.

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