Phd in creative writing and literature of mesopotamia

Dr Clare Morgan Course Director: She has published a collection of stories, An Affair of the Heart, and her short fiction has been widely anthologized, and broadcast on BBC Radio 4. She is currently working on a new novel and a book on creative writing. Amal Chatterjee Senior Course Tutor:

Phd in creative writing and literature of mesopotamia

Vincent Basso vbasso unm. Over the course of the semester participants will work through a variety of genres and develop the tools and vocabulary necessary to critically discuss literature.

Our class will consider literature from different periods, places, and cultures and learn about literary aesthetics, themes, and genre conventions while developing ways to stage arguments about literary works and their adaptations in television and film.

Texts will include, but are not limited to: Assignments include quizzes, short essays, a class presentation, a mid-term exam, and a final project. From television to video games to social media platforms, people interact with both positive and negative representations of gender, sex, race, and class among others.

With this framework as the focus, this course will ask students to actively and critically engage with the media around them. Students will investigate the media that they interact with and analyze the way it interacts with their lives, their sense of self, and how they view other people and the world.

Other assignments include a short proposal, a research paper, and a student-led discussion presentation. We will also be watching movies and television shows as primary texts. How do we see ourselves and others, and how do others see us?

How do we make our mark? How do we translate the marks made by those from other countries and cultures? This course focuses on how we define ourselves and other people through art, writing, and activism.

We will consider customs and rituals that bring us together and cultural differences that separate us. We will look at the actions people take to make their voices heard, and consider how those voices are received.

Students will keep a journal, write a memoir, and create a multimedia project. Authors, artists, and activists studied will include: This course explores the impact of the mass publication and dissemination of the printed word on American society, specifically on its ability to reflect, create, or resist stereotypical notions of race and gender.

We will explore such items as slave advertisements, early African American and Indigenous books, and such individuals as Samson Occom, David Walker, and Nellie Bly who used the printed word to expose injustice and influence American politics.

In this class we will learn and apply types of rhetorical analyses to a variety of genres, considering how the way we speak impacts our message and reaches certain types of readers.

phd in creative writing and literature of mesopotamia

We will learn to read a text closely, thinking about how unusual words, phrases, or even punctuation might reveal significant meaning. This course will offer several hands-on opportunities with American literature and newspapers as we avail ourselves of library resources. Along the way, we will develop a framework that will help us understand how some characteristics of the hero remain constant while others arise from specific cultural beliefs and values.

Students will hone their writing and research skills through assignments that include reviews, comparative analyses and annotated bibliographies. The trickster discourse goes beyond a simple judgment of real or fake.

Different cultures have different tricksters, and even for the same American Indian trickster such as Coyote, different tribes assigned different meanings to the figure.Mesopotamia and Sumer Mesopotamia and Sumer: The following is a Sumerian proverb.

Poverty is a human condition common to all recorded societies. Some societies celebrate the sacrifices of the hard-working poor; for instance, early Christians believed that the meek would inherit the Earth.

Home mfa and literature, each student pursuing ba, and ma or creative writing phd. Baylor has a six-credit thesis or, or tesol. Wvu's mfa in literature and composition, independent, the creative writing . Mesopotamian Naru Literature was a literary genre, first appearing around the 2nd millennium BCE, which featured a famous person (usually a king) from history as the main character in a story that most often concerned humanity's relationship with the gods. These stories became very popular and, in. Introduction to Creative Writing will expose students to the genres of literary fiction, creative nonfiction, and poetry. Students will read, analyze, and discuss published examples of each, examining elements of craft in the different genres.

Writing a PhD thesis; Writing thesis; Mesopotamia. Literature, in the west, originated in the southern Mesopotamia region of Sumer (c. ) in the city Joshua J. Mark has lived in Greece and Germany and traveled through Egypt.

He has taught history, writing, literature, and philosophy at the college level. published on 02 September under the following license: Creative Commons.

View the profiles of tutors on this course. Dr Clare Morgan. Course Director: Clare Morgan, MA, MPhil, DPhil, FRSA Clare Morgan is a fiction writer, literary critic, and founder of the MSt in Creative Writing. PhD in Creative Writing and Literature Building on the broader study of a Master’s degree (MA or MFA), the PhD degree in creative writing and literature is marked by increasing sophistication in writing and literary scholarship.

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Home mfa and literature, each student pursuing ba, and ma or creative writing phd. Baylor has a six-credit thesis or, or tesol. Wvu's mfa in literature and composition, independent, the creative writing .

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phd in creative writing and literature of mesopotamia

Dr Sandie Byrne, Associate Professor in English Literature and Creative Writing, and inventive retelling of Gilgamesh which brings alive a story that is resonant today as it was when first composed in Mesopotamia (modern Iraq) four millennia ago. She captures the powerful allure of the world’s oldest poem while.

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