Macbeth vs a simple plan

Get Access Macbeth vs. These two tragedies illustrate two contented ordinary men, whose lives are irrevocably altered for the worse, resulting in their downfalls. Both men are happily married to women who share their ambitions and become their driving force.

Macbeth vs a simple plan

These two tragedies illustrate two contented ordinary men, whose lives are irrevocably altered for the worse, resulting in their downfalls. Both men are happily married to women who share their ambitions and become their driving force.

We will write a custom essay sample on Macbeth vs. Both Lady Macbeth and Sarah formulate plans Macbeth vs a simple plan obtain their objectives before their husbands can think far enough ahead. As Macbeth earlier asks the stars to hide his desire, she openly asks the spirits to strengthen her desire by filling her with manly cruelty: Come, you spirits That tend on mortal thoughts, unsex me here And fill me from the crown to the toe top-full Of the direst cruelty.

When Macbeth arrives home and tells her that King Duncan will come to their castle that night, she says to him: Sarah, on the other hand, is more firm and determined.

Just like Lady Macbeth, the moment she realizes the possibility of more wealth and the lifestyle it will bring, she starts to plot her way to obtain it.

The night Hank finds the money, Sarah concocts a plan to put five hundred thousand back in the plane to put Hank beyond suspicion, warning him to be extremely careful, while he is still contemplating his guilt.

Right after she gives birth to her first child, she announces her second plan, which involves Hank and his brother Jacob blackmailing the third accomplice, Lou. In both instances, the women reveal they are the crucial elements of evil in the actions.

Although, it seems like their husbands do all the evil acts, Macbeth and Hank can still be sympathized with because the women proved themselves as the real villain.

Macbeth vs a simple plan

As a way of setting their plan to action, Lady Macbeth and Sarah manipulated their husbands leaving them with no reason not to obey. Art though afread To be the same in thine own act and valour, As thou art in desire? She says he is a coward for being afraid of the dead, as they are just like paintings.

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Also she says that the blood on their hands will be easily washed off by water, even though at the end of the play just before she commits suicide, she constantly obsesses with the imaginary blood that cannot be washed from her hands.

Why do you make such faces? When Hank has had enough of the violence and wants to return the money and live life like it used to be, Sarah goads him into keeping it. She says that they would have the same boring jobs for the next thirty years.

Their daughter, Amanda would wear second-hand clothes and play with used toys. Jacob would go back to the welfare office but with Lou gone, just himself and his dog in his filthy apartment, he would probably commit suicide.

Macbeth vs a simple plan

Just like Lady Macbeth, Sarah knows exactly where to hurt Hank. Her words seem to suggest that if Hank returns the money, he would be a very selfish man. She disregards the fact that keeping the money is illegal, and that it has caused many deaths just because she does not want to a simple life, even though they were happy before the possibility of wealth existed.

Macbeth vs. a Simple Plan

According to the women, if the men back out and show fear, they are not worthy of men but if they carry out the crimes then they are brave and honourable; in reality, it is the other way around, that it takes real courage to resist the temptation of cheating their way into power.

It is doubtful that Macbeth could killed King Duncan and in such a brutal way, without his wife. Although it is Lady Macbeth that keeps him sane for a while and slaps him out of hallucinations, her manipulation gives him the stimulation he needs to commit more violence later on.

Moreover, Sarah is the main cause of all the crimes Hank commits. Without her unnecessary plans and her manipulating words, they would have a higher chance of keeping the money safe.

They are all so wrapped up in this greedy world; they fail to consider the consequences of their actions more realistically.Macbeth and “A Simple Plan” are both unique stories with different plots however; these two sources have a common topic of greed.

In addition, the stories both portray the theme in similar situations. They both have a greedy family, murders and an ambition for power. Ambition VS. Ambition Comparison One Comparison Two In 'A Simple Plan' Everyone shares a fatal flaw, greed Hank and Sarah both had overwhelming greed, willing to do anything to claim the money.

Macbeth and a simple plan. COMPARATIVE STUDY OF TEXT Macbeth and a simple plan Shakespeare’s Jacobean tragedy, Macbeth, explores the results of disrupting the natural order and subverting the ‘great chain of being’.

Regicide-noun for the killing of a king. Macbeth commits regicide in order to gain power. Plot Overview. The play begins with the brief appearance of a trio of witches and then moves to a military camp, where the Scottish King Duncan hears the news that his generals, Macbeth and Banquo, have defeated two separate invading armies—one from Ireland, led by .

Example 2 (Regret and ambition) In A Simple Plan, Hank and Jacob start feeling some regret after they kill Lou and his wife. They start feeling scared and anxious because they don't want to get caught and go to jail, but Hank says that they need to suck it up and stop being so scared because whats done is done.

Comparing Macbeth and A Simple Plan Essay - Why is that money and power can changes an individual’s personality. Well, when some humans see something desirable and valuable that doesn’t belong to them, they will go to a great extent to have it.

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