Iced tea business plan

Monday July 2, 9 comments When my first partner and I started looking at what we wanted to include in our concept back in earlyone of the options was bottling a tea beverage I had developed. We visited two reputable bottling companies in our area and hired a food chemist to help us. He had wonderful credentials and was extremely knowledgeable.

Iced tea business plan

The aroma, the relaxing vibe, the comfort of each divine sip — ahh. Flexibility and fun are brewed right into this direct sales tea company, so lift your glass in a tea-filled toast to your success today! With their help, professional guidance and support capital, Steeped Tea quickly became a household name.

The response was enthusiastic and unexpected, and soon she found herself hosting 15 parties a month to keep up with the demand. If a single flavor could inspire so much interest, she thought, surely a larger selection could only increase that interest.

Naturally, she was right and that line of thought paid off when Steeped Tea began to bloom and grow. Beyond The Cup Steeped embraces the diversity of tea, offering green, white, aged Pu-erh, black, herbals and more for their customers to enjoy.

This approach allows even apprehensive tea beginners to find interesting gifts for themselves and loved ones, contributing to the laid-back atmosphere that the brand encourages at their ParTEAS.

Gift sets and starter kits make it even easier to explore the world of Steeped Teas — they make great gifts, as well!

iced tea business plan

Sipped hot or iced, the whole leaf teas sold through Steeped representatives are a natural companion to their tea ware, which allows the leaf to fully expand and infuse its nuances into the water.

A Natural Group Activity Tea time, all around the world, is associated with spending time with friends and loved ones, relaxing and enjoying life in the moment. The culture of tea lends itself to parties, ensuring that ParTEA guests are in a happy and comfortable state of mind from the moment they walk in.

Each booster highlights a small selection of products from a line in the company, such as a themed party night kit or a specialized piece of equipment like the Trendy Tea Press and its accoutrements. Make the most of your three free months of a personal website, shopping cart and subscription to the customer newsletter to get your career off to a great start.Lipton Iced Tea is a beverage launched by Lipton in collaboration with Pepsico.

Lipton is an established brand in the tea market while Pepsico has a prominent presence in the soft drink industry. Ever since the popularity of tea started to grow in the West, particularly in the United States of. Teavana is getting a bit of a makeover with new iced tea flavors in Starbucks shops and its biggest product campaign yet, part of the coffee chain's effort to expand its premium tea business after.

My husband and I are planning to start a small business to promote the goodness of tea to the public. When we attended theWorld TeaExpo in Las Vegas, we were surprised by all the flavoring, coloring, sweeteners and preservatives many tea merchants could use in their products to sell tea and make $!!

Food/beverage (especially something like iced tea) is an insanely competitive space and having some "reasonable faith" and knowing that you "would naturally choose it" sounds to me like a recipe for you having 10, bottles of iced tea in your basement.

iced tea business plan

With no calories and no sugar, this soft drink alternative is the perfect way to get your family drinking more water—turning plain, boring water into a delicious, refreshing drink! Overview Home Business Opportunity Compensation Plan.

Company Overview. was a great year for tea; it was the year that Tonia and Hatem Jahshan founded Steeped Tea, the most well-known and loved tea business in the direct sales industry.

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