High impact business writing schulich mba

Work closely with Schulich faculty, who are both researchers and practitioners, as they bring theory and application into the classroom. As a student, I felt the need for more resources in the areas of analytical and presentation skills. I was able to work with Professor Joshi to develop a course that focuses on the development of these skills.

High impact business writing schulich mba

The average GMAT score ishalf the students are international i. Schulich busines school is one of the early B-schools to setup a campus in India. Tell us what prompted this decision and how has been the response so far?

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Our decision to enter India was due to the increase in demand for International MBA programs amongst Indian students, and the lack of high quality Institutions present in the country today to meet this demand.

The response for this program has been overwhelmingly positive. We have grown from a class size of 23 students in to a class of 40 students in What is the process for choosing one campus over another?

Demystify for us in terms of what factors should a candidate consider while selecting the campuses?

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Is the India campus primarily focused around the local talent or you expect this to be an International hub as well?

The same curriculum is taught by the same faculty on both campuses, so there is no difference there. However this program is unique in the sense that it offers candidates global business exposure, as they learn about business in an Indian context as well as the North American context, and so candidates from this program are open to job opportunities in India as well as North America.

What candidate profile is suited for your MBA in India program?

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Going beyond the Academic and Work experience requirements, we look for candidates who have demonstrated strong leadership potential, who have shown growth potential in their work experience and candidates who have made a positive impact and have added value to their organizations.

How have been the placements for the two campuses? Do you have shared placements? Students participate in Recruitment when they go to Toronto for Year 2 of the program.

What kind of roles have folks from IT and Technology backgrounds gone to? Both within and without their sectors.

high impact business writing schulich mba

Students who have chosen to stick to the same industry have been just as successful in doing so as students who have wanted to switch their careers. One of the main reasons students do an MBA is to make a career switch, and our program is designed to make that happen. As part of the application, you have an optional essay question.

Do you expect candidates to use this only to highlight gaps in their career or extenuating circumstance? It could be used for both, and definitely should be used by students who want to explain any gaps or shortfalls in their application or students who want to highlight their achievements.

Do you interview all candidates? What are the modes of communication you use commonly for conducting interviews for international candidates? Yes we interview all candidates.

high impact business writing schulich mba

It is part of the selection process. We would usually conduct the interview over Skype or over the phone if Skype is not possible. How can candidates overcome some drawbacks of not having the opportunity for in-person interviews? Our advice to candidates would be to treat a Skype interview just as he or she would an in-person interview.

Approximately what percentage of the incoming class gets MBA scholarships? Given that this can be a significant aspect of choosing a program, how can candidates improve their chances of getting a scholarship?

What is the range of GMAT score that your incoming class have typically? What has been the lower GMAT candidates you have admitted and what in their profile helped them make the cut?With Academic Innovation Partners, Inc.

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