Aufgabenstellung master thesis architektura


Aufgabenstellung master thesis architektura

Khaldoon Ahmad, Recipies for the Imagination: An Architectural Reading of F. Marinetti's "La cucina futurista". This thesis is a reflection on Filippo Tommaso Marinetti's book La cucina futurista which was published in The text will provide the setting for an interpretation and a discussion of the possibility for finding a way of addressing and creating architecture today that strives to initiate creative, imaginative, poetic, and playful attitudes -yet attitudes that are always ethical.

aufgabenstellung master thesis architektura

Marinetti's book offered a resistive project that was to aufgabenstellung master thesis architektura new life into the creative realm. With help from the text, this thesis will ponder the notion of architecture today as a place of invitation in which humans may gather and share vital and emotive dialogues about themselves and their existence.

Reading Marinetti's text, we may conclude with a possible strategy of resistance for architecture that can be, as its Futurist predecessor once was, critical of its present limitations. Foundations and the Eternal City. This paper undertakes to develop an in-depth interpretation of Piranesi's Il Campo Marzio.

While drawing heavily from specific details in both the text and images, the study retains a contextual outlook, speculating that Vico's New Science can lend meaning to Piranesi's work. Based primarily on Vico's concept of the Ideal Eternal History, parallels are drawn between the two works.

While this provides the key to entering into Piranesi' s work, it reveals only its inner horizon, merely describing in different terms what is akeady there.

The insights provided by this exercise, however, demonstrate that the making of architecture as promoted by the Campo Marzio is not unlicensed Romantic freedom, but a fundamental, culturally-bound human activity.

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The paper concludes, moreover, that the making of the Campo Marzio interpretively re-enacts the original imaginative founding of the Eternal City and, as such, constitutes an attempt to re-found Heroic Rome.

The statues are a constant repetition of the paradox of Eros. The exoteric meaning of the statues will be given through the narratives that influenced them.

Then, the esoteric meaning behind the narratives and the statues will be given with the help of Ficino's Commentary on Plato's Symposium on Love. Because the garden exists in the space of desire, it is able to speak to us today. This thesis is a walk through the garden.

It is only through the experience of the garden that architectural meaning is conveyed. The garden is a journey that will heal the body and the soul through the spirit. Il Sacro Bosco leads to a better understanding of the self and, in the Renaissance, its connection to the One.

Manuela Antoniu, The Cut and the Wound: Thoughts for an Architectural Mortality The representation of future events as already happened is explored through the use of section in both architectural drawings and anatomical illustrations.

What is proposed is that, sharing a paradigmatic unity, these two forms of representation cut beyond their image to a profound, even radical, self-questioning.

The work of Jean-Jacques Lequeu is often used by architectural historians to demonstrate the erosion of the principles of classical architecture at the end of the eighteenth century.

Characters and Caractere in l'Architecture By the end of the eighteenth century, as imagination makes its appearance behind representation, man enters the field of knowledge and literature emerges in the world of fiction. L'Architecture of Claude-Nicolas Ledoux is too complex a work to make its mapping possible in such a short study.

I therefore tried to unfold the work through the question that seemed to me to be the most revelatory of this time. Through a built investigation and a theoretical address this thesis examines the site of appearance for contemporary creative practice; the extent to which it continues to be defined by and contained within the conceptual frame of the Enlightenment aesthetic as the privileged discourse of the object.This thesis is an architectural investigation of perception, depth and representation.

It explores the changing historical relationship between "two-dimensional" representation and architecture in an effort to understand the effects of modern perspectival depth on the making of architecture. Future of Streets.

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The Future of Streets (FoS) research project at the Harvard Graduate School of Design's City. Top 30 Interesting Thesis Topics In Architecture A thesis is the very last step in the completion of graduation.

Our writers The area was once a thriving fishing community, but due to regulations, overfishing, and numerous other factors the industry has decreased in size. The decline has left behind abandoned and underutilized infrastructures once utilized by the maritime industry that have been transformed into mere relics of a past life.
Khaldoon Ahmad, 1999


James Aitken, 1995


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